5 More Ways to Add Value to Your iPhone App Idea

5 More Ways to Add Value to Your iPhone App Idea

There are dozens of ways to add value to an app idea.  Here are a few more to get you started


  1. Develop a New Shopping Outlet: Many apps incorporate shopping into the game or app experience.  Houzz, for example, is a portfolio app for housing design ideas that lets users look through beautiful architecture – and each picture incorporates links to some of the items featured so that viewers can buy them online.  Features like this really enhance the value of the app to the business, as it promotes awareness as well as new purchases.
  2. Develop a New Social Network: I’m not talking Facebook – just a community of people that are interested in a company and its products.  For example, a camping store might invest in an app that provides a platform for fellow campers to talk and share stories.
  3. Provide a Service to Users: If a company invests in an app that provides a valuable service to users, those users will be indebted to and loyal to the company thanks to the added value.  Companies can also charge money for these apps.  For example, think of an app that helps you navigate to work and how that would help the goals of a GPS company.
  4. Change the Way Users View a Company: Sometimes a company can benefit from showcasing its products or services in a different way.  Think about a dress-up app for a girls’ clothing store or a design-your-own-room app for a furniture store like IKEA – these are interesting for the user and encourage purchases from the store.
  5. Link a Company to a Charity: If you can develop an app that helps a company show its charitable side, perhaps through a game that donates a nominal amount to one of the organization’s charitable partners each time it’s played, the company will benefit from the positive publicity and will see value in the app.
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