5 Ways to Add Value to Your iPhone App Idea

5 Ways to Add Value to Your iPhone App Idea

Businesses invest in ideas that will bring value to their company.  Value might come from an incorporated shopping cart that brings products to customers, an entertaining game that keeps customers involved and interested, interactive competitions, or a social media aspect.  Whatever your app is, it needs to offer either financial or marketing value to your potential partners.  Here are five ways to add value to your app:


  1. New Game: Companies can put their brand name on a game that relates to their product or service.  The idea is that when customers play the game, they will gain loyalty for the brand.
  2. Company Products within a Game: Develop a game that incorporates company products in a marketable way.  For example, an exploration game could incorporate Columbia hiking boots or REI clothing as bonuses and awards.  A great example of this is when the Sims released a Prius as an available car model within its games (although this wasn’t based on the same type of licensing model).
  3. Incorporate Social Networking:  Business are expanding into social media like Twitter and Facebook.  If you can find a way to link your app to the company’s social media pages and increase their media presence, you will increase your app’s value to the company.
  4. Tie into an Existing Marketing Strategy: Build an app idea that links to a well-known advertising campaign or marketing push.  Geico is a great example of a company that’s incorporated a number of ‘Just-for-Fun’ apps into its portfolio, all of them featuring the Geico Gecko or the guinea pigs within its commercials.
  5. Spread Information About a New Product: If a company is introducing a new product or service, you have an opportunity to help market the product through your app.  For example, you can develop an app that showcases the features of a new website by offering a limited version of its service.

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