Are You Ready to Leave Your 9 to 5?

Are You Ready to Leave Your 9 to 5?

Are you thinking of leaving your cramped cubicle to break out on your own and start an app licensing career?  That’s great – and app licensing has the potential to be both satisfying and lucrative as a work-from-home business.  However, there are a number of things you should consider before saying ‘adios’ to your current boss and throwing yourself into the world of self employment.

First, to gauge your potential success and prepare yourself for the switch, you should probably start by trying app licensing part time.  Brainstorming apps, developing a pitch document, registering for a provisional patent – these are all things that can fit around a normal full-time working schedule.  Starting off with a part-time approach will help you determine how much you actually enjoy licensing apps, as well as how much you stand to make from it.

However, for some, the desire for flexibility, independence, and ‘being your own boss’ will eventually lead to a full-time approach to app licensing.  If you think this is you, here are a few things to consider before taking the leap: Have you ever worked as a freelancer before?  If not, have you thought about it in the past, or do you feel you have the skills and self-motivation to be successful?  Are you truly ready to leave your current career path for something new?  Are you financially prepared for the risk that comes along with starting your own business?  This is particularly important for people with families – when you are responsible for the lives of other people, you must be extra careful about the way you approach self-employment.  A good rule of thumb is to have enough stored in savings that you could support yourself and your family for many months in the event your business doesn’t produce any income for the first few quarters.

Of course, for some people the decision to start a business is easier, and even natural.  If you are young, without children, or already in between jobs, app licensing as a full-time career may be perfect for you.  In the current job market, it’s difficult to find any kind of employment, and that goes for recent college grads as well as for experienced workers who are currently searching.  In this situation, it might be a great idea to pursue app licensing projects full-time while searching for a permanent position with another company.  If you have a good idea and work hard, you may be able to bring in passive income that will get you through your time between jobs and continue to supplement your income even once you’ve found a position.  And you never know – you may have a real knack for app licensing and decide to keep doing it permanently!

Regardless of how or why you decide to license apps full time, you’ll find that self-employment offers a vast list of benefits to people who enjoy flexibility, control, and independence.  You’ll also find that your ideas begin to take shape very, very quickly.  Working full-time, you may be able to start pitching your app idea to companies within just a week or two!

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