Develop Your App Idea… at No Cost To You!

Develop Your App Idea… at No Cost To You!

How To Develop iPhone apps This is app licensing – a unique way to develop your app idea while spending little to no money.

You’ve probably had a lot of great app ideas.  They come to you while you’re driving to work, while you’re struggling to look something  up on your phone, or while you’re multitasking a restaurant reservation and the needs of two children at the same time.  However, developing an app costs money and time, and you have no guarantee that your idea will ever become successful.  So, the ideas sit in a journal or your iPhone note pages without ever coming to life.

Many people miss out on great app opportunities because they’re worried about the cost, the effort required, or the complications of the app marketplace.  For one person, these issues can be daunting – and many people don’t realize how much developing one app can cost.  Just one app may cost between $50,000 and $200,000!  Most people can’t afford this kind of investment in an opportunity that may not pan out.

Instead of taking on the risk yourself, you can work with a company that will license your app idea, pay for the development, and then pay you a continuous royalty once it’s rolled out!  Companies are happy to fund ideas that reach out to their customers, bring them new business, or expand their clientele.  If you develop an app that works well with a company’s strategy, you may be able to license it and earn a royalty for as long as the app is on the App Store – a much better deal than spending your own hard-earned money and taking on all the risk!

Watch this blog for upcoming posts on how to develop your app idea, protect it as intellectual property, and pitch it to companies.  Your app idea may be the next big marketing tool for a Fortune 500 firm – as mine was!  In this blog, I’ll be helping you follow the same steps I did to earn a significant residual income for your app ideas

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