Embrace Your Childlike Passion

Embrace Your Childlike Passion

Mindset is critical in any entrepreneurial venture, and today I’m asking you to embrace the mindset of a child.  Children are excited, passionate, and constantly questioning the world around them.  They overflow with new ideas – both realistic and impossible – at every turn, and they truly believe in their ability to make these ideas happen.


Believe it or not, this is the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.  People who believe in themselves and trust their ideas are more likely to succeed than those who doubt their own abilities.  Unfortunately, most people become more and more doubtful as they become older.  We lose our sense of possibility and our confidence in ourselves.  If you ask a child to talk about ideas that they have, you see all of their passion and belief; if you ask a 30-year-old, you see all of their fear and doubt.


If you want to be successful at licensing your app, you need to embrace your inner child.  You need to remember the way you felt when you were five: the world was constantly arousing your curiosity, and you were excited and confident about every new opportunity.  In fact, nothing was outside of your grasp.


There are two parts of the app licensing process that your inner child will help you succeed.  The first is when you are brainstorming app ideas.  As you come up with new games and tools, remember that anything is possible. Don’t reject ideas because they seem impractical or unachievable, because chances are, some version of your ‘impossible’ ideas may actually be the secret to the next bestselling item on the App Store!  If entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg had doubted their ability to achieve the impossible, they would never have reached the success that they did.


The second is you should embrace your inner child is during your initial pitch meeting.  Successful pitching requires passion, belief, and most of all confidence.  Do you remember how self-assured you were as a child?  This mindset can actually be very helpful in business.  The more you project confidence and capability, the more your potential partners will believe in your idea and in your ability to make it a success.


So, as you brainstorm apps and contact businesses to pitch your ideas, remember to keep your childlike passion and confidence.  It will make you much more successful as a licensor, and it will also help you develop a stronger belief in yourself and what you can achieve.

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