How to Develop an iPhone App – Even When They Say It Can’t Be Done!

How to Develop an iPhone App – Even When They Say It Can’t Be Done!

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that if you always think about things but never take action, you won’t make it as an entrepreneur.  You also won’t learn anything useful to use in future ventures.  And that’s the biggest reason to jump into iPhone app development now, not tomorrow.  Even if all of your friends and family are laughing at you or telling you you’re crazy.


Your first business venture is really about learning – not necessarily making a ton of money.  In fact, as long as you don’t lose money by the end of it, you’ve come out ahead because of all the experience you’ve gained.  After designing and pitching your first app, you’ll have a wealth of practical knowledge:


–          Putting together a pitch document.  You’ll basically have a template ready for the next time!  You’ll also have established relationships with graphic designers and computer programmers who will be able to help you out on your next venture.  Familiarity with the field is a huge help.

–          Talking to businesses.  Approaching potential licensees can be so difficult the first time, especially if you get nervous talking to people or have never worked in business before.  But once you’ve done it once (or fifteen times, depending on how many companies you called), it’s much, much easier!

–          Knowing the app market.  When you come up with your first app, it’s based on vague ideas and a desire to make something really useful or interesting.  When you make your second app, it will be based on a sharper, clearer understanding of what app customers are looking for – and your success will reflect that.


Perhaps most importantly, you’ll meet people who will be very helpful to you in future ventures.  Your connections with contractors, intermediaries, and the businesses you’ve talked to and worked with will put you in a great position to cut the waiting time and jump straight to the important contacts the next time you need to find a partner.  You may even find that your experience leads you to opportunities or partnerships you never thought of.


So even if starting an app business seems like a lofty goal, and even if your friends and family are laughing at you, put your ideas in motion today!  The benefits will be worth it – believe me.

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