How to Start a Part-Time iPhone App Business While Working Full-Time

How to Start a Part-Time iPhone App Business While Working Full-Time

Making your app idea successful is like pulling off a Thanksgiving dinner: you might have the perfect vision of a crowded table piled high with food, but without the right ingredients, some prior planning, and the right timing for all of those different dishes, the actual result could be a complete mess.  So when you’re looking at starting your part-time iPhone app business, think logistics before you dive in – it could make or break your app success!


Developing an app requires a lot of different resources: coding knowledge, marketing and advertising, user interface design, planning, and of course the idea itself.  Wannabe app designers tend to focus on just that last one – the idea.  But I want to stress how important each and every one of these elements is to your new business.  The pieces will not just ‘fall into place’ once you’ve come up with the initial idea.  Instead, that’s when you need to start buckling down to the real work that’s going to make you serious money, or lay the foundation for the success of your next app idea.


If you’re working full-time, do some soul-searching to be sure you’re ready for this commitment.  App design is definitely something you can pursue and succeed at in your free time, but only if you don’t let excuses hold you back!  Take a look at this blog from Chad Mureta, a successful appreneur, on the top four common excuses people use to avoid success.


Once you’ve decided to commit, the first thing you need to do is strategize.  The way you handle finding a partner, acquiring resources, and marketing your final app is going to determine how successful you are, so think it through and write down your plan on day one.  You don’t have to be good at programming yourself (and sometimes it’s good to have your head clear of the coding so you can focus on the business!), but you will need to know how to find a strong programming partner who is invested in the app’s success and knows what he’s doing.  See my post on giving away potential revenue rather than upfront fees for how to negotiate a deal like this.  Remember, if you take the time to form strong, useful partnerships with knowledgeable experts who are committed to the idea, you’ll boost your chances of success and also pass some of the actual work on to other people.  It’s a great way to keep your stress levels low and maintain some of your free time outside your full-time job, even while building a successful app business strategy!


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