Keep Upfront Costs Low: Pay Contractors with POTENTIAL Revenue

Keep Upfront Costs Low: Pay Contractors with POTENTIAL Revenue

Very few people are lucky enough to be brilliant programmers, graphic designers, and app idea developers all at the same time.  If you’re like most people, you probably have come up with an app idea but have no idea how to actually turn it into reality.  Or you might know vaguely what’s involved in app development, but you don’t have the technical knowledge to pull it off.  This is where contractors come in.  When managed correctly, skilled contractors can really bring your app to life without jeopardizing your idea or even costing you money upfront!


Your goal with bringing in outside work should be to pay as little as possible without sacrificing quality.  This means you should not hire the lowest-bidding programmer just to pinch pennies – most likely, the reason the cost is so low is reflection of poor quality work, and you’ll end up wasting your money on an app that’s terribly coded and never becomes successful.  Instead, look around for high quality contractors in fields like graphic design, computer programming, content writing, or anything else you need for your app, but work with them to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal.  In my opinion, this means finding someone who believes in your idea and is willing to do the work for free in exchange for a percentage of profits.  This is a win-win!  You’ll only pay if the app is successful, and in the meantime, your contractor will be working extra hard to ensure that they get paid in the end!


It might be hard to find professional organizations that will agree to taking a piece of the profit instead of cold, hard cash, but that’s why it’s a good idea to look for individual freelancers – or even phone up your graphic designer cousin!  Family members will be likely to go into business with you for a percent of the profits because they care about your success.  You can also offer them something in the short term, like a stellar customer review on their website.  If you’ve been dragging your feet because you don’t want to shell out thousands for a quality graphic design, break open your phone book or hit the internet now and start negotiating terms with an independent contractor.


As a final note, this arrangement goes both ways.  It only makes sense that if you have limited skills, other people do too.  So if you’re a great graphic designer but don’t have that brilliant app idea yet, seek out people who do have app ideas but don’t have the skills or motivation to follow through.  You’ll be helping someone else achieve their app goals, and if you do all the planning, management, and design work, you’ll command the majority of the profits!  Remember that the goal is to license your idea to an organization anyway, so you’ll only need enough contracted help to get you through that pitch document and into the company’s front door.

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