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Learn How To Design Your iPhone App in 7 Days!

I wanted to share a site that I think will be helpful during your process of learning how to develop iPhone apps, DesignBoost. The courses offered by Jen Gordon may just help you get your first idea in a format you can share with potential partners. I know if I added up the hours it would take me to learn what she can teach you in 7 days it sure would cost more than what she charges for her courses. I really like her iPhone App Design Course, you will need to outsource this or learn how to tackle this yourself so you can start pitching your ideas.  If you have some extra time, learning how to put your ideas into a professional looking document will help you find your partners faster. Jen also has a great article that was published on Smashing Magazine called “How To Create Your First iPhone Application” , I want you to keep in mind while reading her article you do not need to be a coder, graphic designer, legal expert etc. to develop your first iPhone App but you do need to know how the processes works. If you can be the expert on your idea and take action you can sell your app idea just like I did.

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