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Choose You’re First iPhone App Idea Today, Not Tomorrow

In the app licensing business, everything starts with a great idea… but to succeed, you need to take action.  Some of us have been walking around with award-winning ideas for years, and some people are still waiting for the right spark of inspiration.  If you’re reading this blog, hopefully you’ve already thought about some apps you might want to license.  But if you’re dragging your feet because it doesn’t seem ‘just right,’ you need to motivate yourself and take action today.


Coming up with the right app idea to launch your licensing career can be tricky.  It’s easy to feel pressure to find the ‘perfect’ app to start with – an app that every Fortune 500 company will want to license.  Don’t worry!  ANY app idea that creates value for a company has the potential for a licensing deal, even if it’s with a small organization.  Don’t stop brainstorming, but in the meantime, going with your current best idea is an excellent tactic for keeping your momentum and stimulating even better ideas in the future.


In fact, licensing an idea you have right now will give you even more leverage when you do come up with that bestseller.  Companies will pay more attention to someone who has successfully licensed apps in the past – someone who already has a track record of making money for companies.  Starting the licensing process now with an app you’ve already thought of will also help you develop better apps in the future.  As a licensing veteran, you’ll have a better understanding of the market, the technology, and what companies want.  Therefore, waiting for the perfect app will only hold you back!


If you want to break the perfectionist cycle, sit down with your notebook right now.  Write down every app idea you currently have, and then rank them based on ones will be most successful.  Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to help in your rankings: Is this an idea I’m passionate about?  Does it offer value to a company?  Will it engage customers through a fun game or a useful tool?  Is it already on the market, and if so, does my version offer significant improvements?


Once you’ve ranked your ideas, it’s time to start taking action.  Take your best idea – the one you believe in the most – and tell yourself that it’s time to make it a success.  Remind yourself that this is an idea that offers value to companies in a new and engaging way, and that the sooner you take action on it, the sooner you can be enjoying the rewards of partnering with a licensee and earning income from your hard work.  Start the process by fully developing it through a pitch document that that describes the app and provides screenshots, then protect the idea with a provisional patent and start contacting potential partners.  Instead of waiting for the perfect idea, you’ll be on your way to pitching your best app to real companies and possibly licensing it for a substantial royalty!


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5 More Ways to Add Value to Your iPhone App Idea

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5 Ways to Add Value to Your iPhone App Idea

Businesses invest in ideas that will bring value to their company.  Value might come from an incorporated shopping cart that brings products to customers, an entertaining game that keeps customers involved and interested, interactive competitions, or a social media aspect.  Whatever your app is, it needs to offer either financial or marketing value to your potential partners.  Here are five ways to add value to your app:


  1. New Game: Companies can put their brand name on a game that relates to their product or service.  The idea is that when customers play the game, they will gain loyalty for the brand.
  2. Company Products within a Game: Develop a game that incorporates company products in a marketable way.  For example, an exploration game could incorporate Columbia hiking boots or REI clothing as bonuses and awards.  A great example of this is when the Sims released a Prius as an available car model within its games (although this wasn’t based on the same type of licensing model).
  3. Incorporate Social Networking:  Business are expanding into social media like Twitter and Facebook.  If you can find a way to link your app to the company’s social media pages and increase their media presence, you will increase your app’s value to the company.
  4. Tie into an Existing Marketing Strategy: Build an app idea that links to a well-known advertising campaign or marketing push.  Geico is a great example of a company that’s incorporated a number of ‘Just-for-Fun’ apps into its portfolio, all of them featuring the Geico Gecko or the guinea pigs within its commercials.
  5. Spread Information About a New Product: If a company is introducing a new product or service, you have an opportunity to help market the product through your app.  For example, you can develop an app that showcases the features of a new website by offering a limited version of its service.

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Take the Test: Is App Licensing Right for You?

App licensing lets you use your great iPhone app ideas to earn passive income from a partner company.  However, it’s not for everyone.  Take the mini-test below to find out whether app licensing is a good option for you.

 App Licensing Might Be Right for You If:

  1. You have a good iPhone app idea but don’t have the funds to bring it to life
  2. You have a good iPhone app idea but don’t have the time or expertise to develop it yourself
  3. You want to bring your iPhone app idea to life without quitting your current job
  4. Your iPhone app idea works very well with the goals, marketing strategy, or products of a specific company
  5. You have a lot of great iPhone app ideas and want to pursue many of them at once, without getting tied down in the details
  6. You want to create a passive revenue stream that supplements your current income or creates a financial cushion


If any of the above match your situation, app licensing might be a good strategy for you!  It offers the flexibility, partner resources and expertise, and potential revenue that can be very useful to many budding entrepreneurs.

App Licensing May NOT Be Right for You If:

  1. You need to be in full control of every project
  2. You prefer to ‘do-it-yourself’ and stay involved rather than handing over the reigns
  3. You don’t feel comfortable collaborating with another company on your idea
  4. You have a lot of ideas plus expertise and/or funds and want to create your own app development company


App licensing does limit the inventor’s involvement and control, so if you want to run the show when it comes to developing your ideas, licensing might not be the best route for you.

As you can tell, app licensing has a number of great benefits.  If you value flexibility or want to earn a passive income, then this may be your golden ticket!  Check out the rest of the site to find out how you can begin your app licensing career.

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Embrace Your Childlike Passion

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