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Build Your Network to Support Your Weaknesses

I’m a great vision person.  I think of ideas, and I can see them grow and develop in my head.  But like many entrepreneurs, I have weaknesses that can get in the way of turning those ideas into reality.  In my case, I’m weak in graphic design, programming and several other key areas in the iPhone app business – but I’m great at finding people to fill that weakness!


Building a business requires every skill in the book, and you’re bound to be missing a couple of them.  To be successful, you’ll need to learn how to build a network of people around you who can support your ideas and fill in the missing gaps in your abilities.  Contractors, editors, graphic designers, lawyers, and programmers can all provide skills that are invaluable to your team, and you’ll want to find talent that works seamlessly with your own personality and goals.  Being able to seek out these people and motivate them to feel connected to your projects is a skill in itself – and it’s one you really need!


Let’s go back to my example.  I’m pretty open about the fact that I’m not super smart in a lot of required areas to run a successful iPhone app business but this does not need to hold you back.  I also used to be terrified of public speaking – so much so that I avoided it whenever possible.  But when I started working with Monavie, I had to make a choice between staying trapped in that fear and reaching my personal goals with the company.  I chose to overcome it, and I worked hard at filling that gap in my skills so that I could become successful with Monavie and achieve my goals.


I’m not active with Monavie currently, but that experience became more valuable to me than a Harvard education.  I overcame my fear and went on to be one of the top paid distributors in the industry for several years.  Stepping outside my comfort zone helped me grow as a person, and it led me to opportunities I wouldn’t have thought possible before.


So what’s holding you back?  You know what skills and abilities you’re missing.  Reach out now to people who can fill those gaps and help you build a great team.  And don’t be afraid to take the first step – remember, a conversation is free, but a relationship is invaluable!

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How to Develop an iPhone App – Even When They Say It Can’t Be Done!

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that if you always think about things but never take action, you won’t make it as an entrepreneur.  You also won’t learn anything useful to use in future ventures.  And that’s the biggest reason to jump into iPhone app development now, not tomorrow.  Even if all of your friends and family are laughing at you or telling you you’re crazy.


Your first business venture is really about learning – not necessarily making a ton of money.  In fact, as long as you don’t lose money by the end of it, you’ve come out ahead because of all the experience you’ve gained.  After designing and pitching your first app, you’ll have a wealth of practical knowledge:


–          Putting together a pitch document.  You’ll basically have a template ready for the next time!  You’ll also have established relationships with graphic designers and computer programmers who will be able to help you out on your next venture.  Familiarity with the field is a huge help.

–          Talking to businesses.  Approaching potential licensees can be so difficult the first time, especially if you get nervous talking to people or have never worked in business before.  But once you’ve done it once (or fifteen times, depending on how many companies you called), it’s much, much easier!

–          Knowing the app market.  When you come up with your first app, it’s based on vague ideas and a desire to make something really useful or interesting.  When you make your second app, it will be based on a sharper, clearer understanding of what app customers are looking for – and your success will reflect that.


Perhaps most importantly, you’ll meet people who will be very helpful to you in future ventures.  Your connections with contractors, intermediaries, and the businesses you’ve talked to and worked with will put you in a great position to cut the waiting time and jump straight to the important contacts the next time you need to find a partner.  You may even find that your experience leads you to opportunities or partnerships you never thought of.


So even if starting an app business seems like a lofty goal, and even if your friends and family are laughing at you, put your ideas in motion today!  The benefits will be worth it – believe me.

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Staying Motivated: Never Wait by the Phone

The best way to stay innovative and become successful is to stay proactive.  Every potential licensor will one day face this situation: you’ve pitched your idea and gotten a great response from a firm, but it’s been weeks and they still haven’t made a final decision.  While they’re thinking, the licensor is left waiting by the phone and hoping for the official ‘yes’.


If this is you, there are better ways to spend your valuable time!  Waiting for a make-or-break phone call can put anyone on edge, creating stress and anxious anticipation that doesn’t solve anything.  Meanwhile, you could be taking action to generate more interest in your idea – or even starting a new licensing project!


Instead of waiting, try keeping your momentum by:


– Contacting the next few potential licensees on your list. It’s always good to have more than one possibility in the works, and one of the other companies may love your idea even more than the company you’re waiting for.  In fact, you might get a better deal just for being in high demand!


– Brainstorming more app ideas.  Now that you’ve been through the process once, you probably have a better sense of what works and what doesn’t.  Use your newfound knowledge to think more critically about potential games, apps, and partnerships, or refine an earlier app idea to make it even better.


– Getting started on a pitch document for your next project.  Licensing can bring you a comfortable income, but only if you keep the ideas and contracts flowing.  Working on more than one project at once is healthy for your motivation and your wallet – once the first deal has closed, you may be well on your way to closing a second.  Don’t spread yourself too thin (every pitch document and proposal needs your full attention to be successful), but multitasking is a great way to grow your income and your portfolio.

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