The Inspiration Moment: Coming Up With an App Idea

The Inspiration Moment: Coming Up With an App Idea

In the app licensing business, everything starts with a great idea.  Some of us have been walking around with award-winning ideas for years, but some people are still waiting for the right spark of inspiration.  If you’re reading this blog, hopefully you’ve already thought about some apps you might want to license.  But if you’re dragging your feet because it doesn’t seem ‘just right’, you need to re-motivate yourself and take action today.


Coming up with the right app idea to launch your licensing career can be tricky.  It’s easy to feel pressure to find the ‘perfect’ app to start with – an app that every Fortune 500 company will want to license.  Don’t worry!  ANY app idea that creates value for the company has the potential for a licensing deal, even if it’s with a small company.  Don’t stop brainstorming, but in the meantime, going with your current best idea is an excellent tactic for keeping your momentum and stimulating even better ideas in the future.


In fact, waiting for the perfect app will only hold you back, but licensing an idea you have right now will give you even more leverage when you do come up with that bestseller.  Companies will pay more attention to someone who has successfully licensed apps in the past – someone who already has a track record of making money for companies.


If you want to break the perfectionist cycle, sit down with your notebook right now.  Write down every app idea you currently have, then rank them based on potential success.  Then – before you lose your motivation – write a draft pitch document and develop (or contract out) some sample screenshots.  Within just a few days, you can be calling companies and making potential partners, even while you’re brainstorming for the next idea.  Think of how good it will feel to start taking action today!

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