Things to Know about the iPhone App Market

Things to Know about the iPhone App Market

When you’re looking to develop or license an iPhone app idea, you need to know as much as possible about the app environment and the niche you want to enter.  This article will give you a great start to the first one, telling you 5 important things to know about the app market.  I focus on Apple’s App Store, as this is the most popular app marketplace and the one I’m most familiar with.


  1. Even though the App Store has over 550,000 apps, there is still fantastic opportunity to develop new ideas or improve on existing ones.  In the long term, this is still a nascent market (started just four years ago in 2008)!  There is a lot of room for newcomers.
  2. The use of apps is just now starting to trickle down to medium-sized businesses.  It may be difficult to get your idea into the hands of a massive corporation like Target or Amazon, but target a slightly smaller company that’s looking to go mobile, and you’re golden.
  3. The iPad is on track to control 80% of the tablet market, and it’s even newer than the iPhone!  You might want to focus your energy on this popular and lucrative platform, where there is a bit less competition and a bit more opportunity.
  4. Developing an app is expensive!  As mentioned in earlier articles, it can cost between $50,000 and $200,000 to develop an app, plus 75% of this again for the additional iPhone/iPad version (whatever was not developed first).  When you’re working on your idea, consider whether what you’ve come up with will be worth that much to a partner company through marketing, customer outreach, or direct profit.
  5. If your app doesn’t work with Apple, don’t be afraid to play with other platforms!  Though Apple is the most popular platform and my personal favorite, that doesn’t make it right for every idea.  If you have a great app idea that targets Android or Blackberry users, go for it!

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